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My name is Peter,

I have a passion for writing music.

Every modern media project needs a great soundtrack
and I live for creating them. Look around and take a listen.

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Recent work

A selection of songs from my career


What I offer


One of my greatest passions in life is creating music for media. Be it a movie, a video game, youtube content or some brave new world of media I embrace the challenge and look forward to the adventure of working on your project.


Although my primary focus is composing music, I am well versed in creating sonic landscapes and sound effects you might need in your projects. Sometimes it's better to have music take a back seat and let the sonic atmoshperes set the tone.


When our collaboration starts you can rest assured I will be available to offer not only my professional expertise, but also to provide insight, help you make desicions regarding audio and even provide creative feedback on your projects.

About me

Meet the Composer


Based in Serbia, Peter Milinkovic is a composer who has written music for TV shows, commercials, radio jingles, animated films, video games, and local artists. Showing tremendous diversity, he creates everything from Cinematic Orchestral and Dramatic cues to contemporary Electronic, Pop, and Rock music. Petar studied music theory and composition privately for 4 years, and he plays piano, drums, all kinds of percussion instruments, some guitar and bass and any other instruments he can get his hands on.

The Studio

Peter uses the best and latest virtual instruments and studio technology to deliver modern sounding scores with a beautiful and lush sound quality that will give your project the unique sonic signature it deserves.


Some Ballpark Figures to Help you Budget


1 Free revision

Unique Sound

Speed and Flexibility

100$+ per minute

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1 Free revision

Formatting & Compression

SFX Synergy

20$+ per sound effect

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Music theory

MIDI sequencing

Mixing & Production

10$ per hour

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: Petar Milinkovic

: +381 61/ 670-2387